CP Gruop

With decades of industry leadership across multiple regions, we are recognized as a global leader and innovator in the food business. Our priority is to ensure the highest level of quality and safety in every CP product.

About Us

The key to our success lies in our ability to control end-to-end process that meets international standards. We start by using safe, trusted, and traceable materials to manufacture high-quality feed products for our animals. Then we combine advanced technology and research to raise a variety of animals such as chicken, duck, swine, shrimp, and fish in hygienic conditions. This produces the highest quality of meat selection to be processed into tasty, ready-to-eat meals for consumers worldwide.

We have also expanded our businesses to several areas which include retail, telecommunication and media, e-commerce and digital, property development, plastics, automotive, finance and insurance, and pharmaceutical.


Establish since 1921, 500 largest Companies in the world (The Fortune Global 500)


Automobile Business, MG CAR in Thailand, Motorcycle in China, Caterpillar in China, Carburetor, Injection and Automotive Parts, Industrial Pump, Industrial Zone Development in Thailand, Vietnam. Experience in Automotive and Industrials more than 30 years ago.

(Production, R&D, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing and Management)

CP Gruop

Automotive and Other Industries Business Group of CP Group

Since 1924 after CP Group has been established, CP Group has explored the global business continuously.

Since then, on January 1st, 1985, CP Group established the first Joint Venture motorcycle company in China and then 1992, the 2nd motorcycle company in China of CP Group was established. Both produced motorcycle with most advance technology from Japan. CP group also established several automotive parts manufacturing companies in China and Thailand after then.Early of 2013, CP Group set up a car manufacturing company in Thailand with the brand and technology from Morris Garage (MG) of The United of Kingdom (UK).

From 2014, CP group started to survey and research the automotive and other industry in Myanmar and finally decided to invest motorcycle business in the country.

From December 02, 2015 has set up CP Motor services Co, Ltd for the purpose of market survey research and variety of service field.

On 13 January 2017 established CP Motor Myanmar Cp., Ltd. to be the motorcycle manufacture in Myanmar. The company targeted to build the number one in the country with advance technology, high quality, best service and affordable price to supply and server Myanmar market and users for all category of motorcycle products and parts. 

Why CPM?

With the belief the state-of-art automobile engineering and technology do not necessarily exist on the race track, but also on the road.

From the beginning, CPM, established on 2016 in Myanmar. Every single element of the brand CPM includes engineering features, interior-exterior styling, road test for quality, design improvement motorcycle suitable for Myanmar geography and riding behavior before deliver to market.

CPM Experience

CPM experience location comprises 2 Center: Show Room Center & Service Center. Show Room center a lobby decorated in customer-friendly atmosphere. The Service Center is area for test drives, safe driving practicing and CPM Motorbike feature testing.

CPM Value

CPM Mission or CPM Global